What is sustainable construction?

What is Sustainable Construction?
by Chris Jackson 


Sustainable construction means using recyclable and renewable materials in building projects and minimising energy consumption and waste production. The primary goal of the sustainable construction method is to reduce its impact on our environment. 


Sustainable construction does not end after the completion of the building project, the design of the building itself should have a minimal impact on the environment over the structure’s lifespan. It means that the design of the building should incorporate elements and materials that have a continuous influence on the structure’s environmental impact. These can include energy-efficient roof hatches on the rooftop, solar panels, appropriate insulation to prevent heat loss, and minimizing energy consumption from the grid that mostly comes from fossil fuels and long lifespan building materials. 


Is Sustainable Construction Important?


From the emission up to the energy consumption, the construction industry contributes a significant impact on the environment.


Aside from its potential for building structures over wild habitats, its energy consumption is high. Most of the heavy machinery and equipment still heavily lean on fuels. Even inefficient electricity usage will result in unnecessary combustion of fuels to sufficiently supply those grid power supply lines. The construction industry contributes 36 percent of energy usage and 40 percent of CO2 emissions worldwide.


The shipping and fabrication of materials can significantly impact carbon emissions. Mining raw materials such as metals can result in water pollution. The concrete manufacturers or cement plants have resulted in tons of CO2, increasing significantly every year. Construction can also produce hazardous waste due to improper disposal or management, resulting in the pollution that affects the environment and the people in that area.

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