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Modular homes are the ultimate prefabricated building system. These highly customisable homes are built almost entirely in a factory setting, saving both homeowners and builders time, effort and money. Each home is designed and constructed to meet all building codes

Modular homes are green by their very nature. Assembly in an enclosed indoor environment allows them to fulfil key components of green building certifications. Going modular means that material waste is reduced at both the factory and the job site. As a result, the environmental impact on the land and the community where the house is being delivered is lessened. Modular homes are often more tightly built and thus more energy efficient, which can result in lower heating and cooling costs for the home owner

Designed and constructed to meet or exceed local building codes and allowing nearly 90% of a home to be constructed offsite, a highly customisable home can be built in a controlled factory environment while the building site is simultaneously being prepped. Most work is done in the factory, so weather delays, missing materials and subcontractor no-shows are all but eliminated, saving time and money. Building modular homes save time and money, allowing the builder to focus on generating sales and other revenue sources.

Constructing homes in a factory setting allows for more consistent quality due to uniform construction processes, training techniques and inspections. All homes are inspected by an independent, third-party home inspection agency before leaving the factory. Once on site, they are again inspected, this time by a local building inspector. These homes meet and often exceed all requirements of locally adopted building and fire codes.

While most manufacturers have a portfolio of home plans to choose from, computer-assisted design (CAD) allows limitless design and customisation possibilities when planning a new modular home. Modular construction allows for a quick turnaround between groundbreaking and occupancy. A typical modular house can be move-in ready in about four months. And more often than not, the finished product is indistinguishable from a site-built home.

“Tropikah's prefabricated, modular homes are designed and built specifically for Thailand's tropical climate and varying topography and provide a number of benefits for the new home or eco-resort owner.”

Healthy for your family and the environment

Our design, materials and construction techniques ensure your new home is cool. Not only how it looks, but also how it floats above the ground and allows for natural ventilation. This not only modulates the temperature inside, but also mitigates the collection of moisture that in tropical environments can lead to mould which is harmful to our health.  


Modular houses are made in the factory and assembled on your land. They can just as easily be disassembled and moved to another location. They can be reconfigured, when your children grow up and leave home for example. One dwelling can turn into two. Houses that adapt to your lifestyle rather than the other way around. That’s sustainability!


Our houses are designed for the tropics, made in the factory, and assembled on your land. Our skilled team use the latest technology and a deep understanding of construction to build your house in our controlled workspace. We use the most appropriate materials for Thailand’s climate.This prefabrication shortens the construction time and saves you money. And because we have designed for the tropics, you will enjoy energy savings for the life of your home. 

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