living light in the tropics

Unlike traditional Thai houses that were built in timber and raised off the ground, most recent buildings use designs and materials that are not ideal for living in our tropical climate.


Like the rest of the world, Thailand will see a rise in the costs of utilities. As a result, there is a growing interest in adopting more sustainable options, including renewable energy and rainwater harvesting. 


Prefabricated construction provides multiple benefits for the growing number of land owners who are committed to living sustainably. People who are looking for buildings that deliver on both form and function – pleasing to look at and comfortable to live in. 


Modular housing gives the property owner flexibility in terms of size and layout. It also provides an opportunity to take part in the design of their home or resort.


Modular construction systems provide significant economies of scale. Components such as the building framework, roof, walls, flooring and fittings can be utilised in a variety of configurations for multiple clients. This ensures that no two buildings are ever the same. 

Tropikah is a collective of like-minded businesses who believe that dwellings – be it a home, resort or community compound – should be pleasurable to live in and light on the planet. 

We collaborate with architects who have an understanding of how to design buildings for a tropical climate. UNA BV is an award winning architecture practice with significant experience in residential, hospitality and commercial and public buildings.

Asia TM Industries is a vertically integrated construction company with expertise in engineering, material selection and preparation, prefabrication, and site construction. From their headquarters in Phuket, ATMI work with clients across Asia.


All you need to living light in the tropics… healthy for your family and the planet.